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Wellness & Health

Rory Lynch

Skin in the Game

Creating alignment of incentives, usually by creating skin in the game, is a challenging task for any mechanism designer. Here, we dive into risk asymmetry and give a couple of examples of networks with skin in the game.

Rory Lynch

Rory Lynch, Engineer 30 May 2019

Principles of Weight-Loss

There are a million conflicting diets, and yet most of them work. Here we talk about the underlying principles, and how you can use them yourself for weight-loss.

Rory Lynch

Rory Lynch, Engineer 13 May 2019

The Marginal Value of Your Data

Famously, Gregory Barber sold his personal data for a whooping 0.3 US cents. Today we look into the marginal value of data, and how we as consumers can capture the value our data creates.

Rory Lynch

Rory Lynch, Engineer 6 May 2019

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