A decentralised protocol for building incentives into health and wellness applications.

Staking on Your Health

The easiest way to understand the Juri Protocol is with an example, so in this post I'm going to talk specifically about how the Juri protocol can be used to get groups of people to exercise more.

Angus Blair

Angus Blair, CEO26 Mar 2019

Skin in the Game

Creating alignment of incentives, usually by creating skin in the game, is a challenging task for any mechanism designer. Here, we dive into risk asymmetry and give a couple of examples of networks with skin in the game.

Rory Lynch

Rory Lynch, Engineer30 May 2019

A mandate for self sovereign data

There's more data collected today than ever before, but the legal and technical ownership of that data is an increasingly complicated problem we need to solve to realise the web 3.0.

Angus Blair

Angus Blair, CEO22 May 2019

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